No One Should Go To Bed Hungry

The Open Pantry will never turn a hungry person away……

Would you like donate to make sure that we never do? 

In 2021, The Open Pantry saw a 33% increase in hungry people coming through the door for the first time to get groceries – 

  • With inflation driving up the cost of food, those in need are more vulnerable than ever … we anticipate seeing an even greater increase in people coming to us in 2022.
  • According to Catherine D’Amato, president of The Greater Boston Food Bank, the weekly food budget shortfall per person rose 4% to nearly $20 per person. A family of four now has an $80 a week shortfall.
  • The Open Pantry and food banks throughout the country are working hard to raise funds and to increase food donations to meet this growing need!
Who We Are

We were established in 1981 as the first food pantry in Lowell. We are a tax exempt 501c(3) organization devoted to relieving hunger in the Greater Lowell community. We provide food to all low-income people who come to us from Lowell and 7 surrounding communities.

The Mission of The Open Pantry is to relieve hunger in our community.   We provide a variety of filling, nutritious, and culturally-appropriate food, connect people to other community resources; advocate on behalf of those in need locally, statewide, and national; and engage with others in building food security.

  • At the Pantry each individual or member of a family receives enough groceries to last for one week and can receive a second distribution as well as an emergency order of groceries a month. In 2021 we served over 14,000 people at the Pantry. One quarter of which were children.
  • We also deliver to people age 60+ at 4 Lowell Housing sites and in 2021 we served 1,340 seniors at the housing sites. With their limited ability to travel and to purchase food, the elderly are often vulnerable to going hungry.

Please consider making a financial donation to help us relieve hunger in our community!