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Geoff Bryant, Executive Director
Bill Jenkins, Organizational Assistant
Christina Buretta, Volunteer Coordinator
Anna Burgoon, Wednesday Evening Pantry Coordinator
Tom Buretta, Operations Coordinator & Board President
Ellen Layton, Assistant Operations Coordinator

Tom Buretta, President
Jody O'Hearn, Vice President
Marcy Szczepanik, Secretary
Mary Emanuel, Treasurer

Kevin Fahy
Paula Gendron
George Gibb
Andrew Gilmore
Christine Haskell
Paul Janocha
Veasna "Mao" Kang
Angela Shaheed
Rebecca Wisniewkski

Existing, active ad hoc committees:

New Truck Committee
Members: Tom Buretta (Chair), Carl Courtright, Al Bates, Bob Gilmore

Space/Operations Committee
Members: Bob Gilmore (Chair), Barbara Bates,
Melissa Cariño, Darlene Goodwin, Ellen Layton, Ellen O'Neill, Jody O'Hearn

Standing committees:

Development Committee (Communications/Fundraising)
Members: Rebecca Wisniewkski (Chair), Geoff Bryant, Will Clements, Kevin Fahy, Jeff Heath, Marcy Szczepanik, Ray Peterson

We are also currently recruiting for the following Committees:

Board Nominations
Food Security
Community Partnerships
Client Advisory
Volunteer Advisory

Alan Wisniewski
Al Bates
Angela Cruz-Morales
Angela Shaheed
Anna Burgoon
Barbara Bates
Barbara Ritz
Bill Smith
Carl Courtright
Charlie Raske
Christina Buretta
Christine Haskell
Darlene Goodwin
Diana Glinos
Donna Grieb
Ellen Huber
Ellen J. Moore-Layton
Eucharia Obika
Gene Radwin
Helen Glinos
Helene Modeski
Irene Cole
Joan Dalton
Joanne Lambert
Jodi Demont
Jody O'Hearn
John O'Keefe
Joseph Regan
Julie Perkins
Keith Gilman
Kevin Fahy
Lois Reid
Louis Cruz
Malika O'Hearn
Mao Kang
Mary Hume
Maxine Barber
Mayra R. Miranda
Melissa Carino
Michael Doherty
Nicole Carpenter
Nicole Murray
Noemi Rivera
Norman Paquette
Patrick LaMarche
Paul J. Janocha
Paula S. Gendron
Pheak, Muth
Phil LaPolla
Robert Gilmore
Ruben Clarke
Sophy Pin
Sue Kirk
Thomas Buretta
Weegie Dodd
Will Clements

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